Everybody should be looking into the sky this weekend to witness the largest and closest Supermoon for all of 2012!

It will be occurring on May 7th 2020. You don’t have to plan anything fancy to see the largest full moon of the year. Stepping outside and looking up at the sky will do just fine. And don’t worry about setting your alarm clock to see the moon at the moments it is closest to us and at its fullest. It should still appear pretty full and bright Saturday night and even through Sunday night as well.

Even though last month’s full moon was also a Supermoon, this one will be even more super because the timing of the full moon will be closer to the time of perigee.  The closer the time of the full moon is to the time of perigee, the larger and brighter the moon will appear.  This month’s full moon and perigee come within one hour of each other. A moon of larger size and proximity will not come again until March 28, 2021.

“Given the change in distance between the moon’s farthest and closest points,” says Larry Sessions of EarthSky, “the full moon can appear as much as 14% larger in the sky and 30% brighter to our eyes than at minimum size and brightness.”

For more info on the Supermoon here is a quick video:

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