Since beginning to really get into the habit of exercising, I’ve tried doing my workouts at the gym and I have also tried doing them at home. The problem with the gym is that I have to travel quite far to get to the one nearest to me. I also have to plot my workouts according to the gym class schedules, as I prefer classes to exercise machines. If it just so happens that my favorite classes don’t coincide with my free time, then I have to settle for a class that I don’t care much for. It wasn’t much fun, to be honest. Plenty of times it felt like work. As a whole, it wasn’t all that convenient and I mostly ended up immediately cancelling the gym trip if some other activity came up.

Once I started exercising at home, things got a bit better. I could now do the workout whenever I pleased. That was when I started investing in instructional videos. That was also the point when I discovered this program.

Having tried yoga classes both at the comfort of my own home and at the gym, I have to say that this program is ideal. It’s the same relaxing experience of doing a complete workout, minus the worrying about getting home immediately after. (Even when I try to clear my mind during a gym yoga session, I can’t help but wonder if there’s a traffic jam outside or how soon I can get home after the class. These thoughts tend to disrupt the meditation process for me.)

The Video Training Series, broken into 4 videos, is great for covering beginner’s and intermediate levels. For someone with little or no exposure to yoga, The Basics video is a good introduction. It helps to understand the Why and How to better adapt the process into your routine. Morning Practice helps practitioners prepare themselves for the day to come, while Evening Practice helps in winding down. Flow Practice is the very heart and soul of the program, which I find challenging in all the right places. It’s thorough and I finish feeling my whole body really stretched out properly. It’s not too complicated, and it makes me want to exert myself more with the poses.

Learning about Katrina’s story was inspiring for me. I am at a point in my life where I would like to take losing weight seriously, but I understand full well that there’s no shortcut for success. Having so much experience in fad diets and fad exercises in the past, I can attest to the belief that losing weight is a lifestyle and perspective change that should be permanently practiced. If you keep your goals in mind, it spills over onto your everyday life that you even base your decision-making on your goals.

Part of my goal-setting is, of course, to have a body that I’m comfortable with. It’s such a struggle to be comfy in your own skin. Rather than obsess over superficial changes you can do to yourself, why not aim for working on a body that’s healthier and looks better naturally. Doing the Ideal Body Visualization achieves just that.

So is yoga good for weight loss? I would have to say yes. Since beginning this program, I have noticed that I’ve become much more limber than before. My flexibility has improved immensely. There’s a lot less tension in my muscles, which really helps because cardio tends to wind me up. While I’m not big on weighing myself obsessively, I did notice the improved fit of my clothes. That’s always how I can tell if any exercise program is working the way it should. And let’s not forget about the toned areas, because I feel like I have a lot more strength in my arms now.

If you’re skeptical about the program or about following the visualizations, please try to keep an open mind. Being honest and open with yourself is half the work of getting to the place where you can really start to focus on achieving your goals. Try to immerse yourself completely in the moment, as you do yoga.

The bonus materials are also very useful if you like to cook. Personally, I prefer making meals at home these days. It helps me keep track of what I consume on a daily basis. That’s when the recipe books and videos really come in handy. For those who don’t much like to prepare their own diet food, I urge you to try these out. Even if only to incorporate some of the healthy choices into your regular diet. It can’t hurt.

I wish there would be more types of full yoga videos (50 minutes) with specific targets, apart from weight loss. For example, maybe there could be a video targeted towards aches and pains. Then another one would be targeted towards pure relaxation. Just so there would be more choices in the program to mix it up a bit. That aside, I am pleased with my results so far and will continue to work on myself until I’ve reached my ideal (naturally achieved) body.

I urge others to ask themselves the question: “Is yoga good for weight loss?” Then try this program out and see just how effective it is if you really invest in it.

If you have any questions about the program just leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Cheers, Luca Samson.